John Stango is a leader of Contemporary American pop art.  

With a world-wide following drawn to his distinctive "American Muscle Car" style, John carries the pop art movement into the 21st Century. Building upon traditional American POP imagery, John incorporates modern icons to create vibrant, colorful, contemporary works for today's refined collectors.

Approaching the canvas with a studied intensity, he creates bold, bright, dramatic images, resonating with pop culture energy.

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Capturing the larger-than-life personalities of America's greatest Celebrities and Icons, Stango creates strikingly unique works of portraiture. Movie stars, musicians, politicians, and other iconic Americans come to life through an intense and intimate depiction on canvass.


John Stango is proud to be a true American artist. He uses his brush to capture the essence of our country and all that it represents to him.  A Stango canvas is an artistic runway for high-fashion and cultural icons.  Using vibrant colors and energetic brushstrocks to objectify and expose the mood and personalities of our time.  


Comic Con, eat your heart out! Superman, James Bond, Batman, Mickey Mouse - just a few of the countless Superheroes, Cartoons, and Fantasy Figures featured in Stango's pantheon of all-American favorites.


The latest painting in the "Stewardess' series 

The latest painting in the "Stewardess' series 


Images of Americana compete with and complement one another in these wild & whimsical artistic compositions. Stango's subjects — sexy bombshells, designer logos, sports heroes, stewardesses — mingle and mix in these signature paintings.

The Stango Process


Working out of a large historical warehouse in Philadelphia, John draws artistic inspiration from retro advertising, pop icons, B-movies, mid-century modernism, magazines, noir films, vintage signage and all things pop-culture.

1955 Jackie Robinson Rookie Card

Gov. Rendell signs the budget in front of his STANGO flag

Incorporating a unique combination of silk-screening & hand painting, John creates paintings that are at once nostalgic and modern. Intense brush strokes, explosions of color, aggressive textures, and juxtaposed images yield distinctive and recognizable canvasses.

Home town fan….

Inagural Show in Washington D.C.

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